JV the Goat is a creative Powerhouse specialized in Music and Film production, based in Atlanta, GA.

After many years of dedication and mastering his craft, he effortlessly brings his visions to Life.

With a Passion for both, Music and storytelling, fueling his relentless work to create captivating soundtracks and cinematic experiences.

His contribution to numerous projects across various genres with talented artists, includes original sound composition, feature films,  documentaries and commercials.

Utilizing his expertise in sound design, editing, and post-production, JV helps shape the emotional impact and atmosphere of past and future visual narratives

"I thrive in the dynamic and collaborative environment of the entertainment industry. Continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance the audience's experience."

His journey in music and film production has turned into his Life calling.

"I look forward to further exploring the boundless possibilities of creative expression in this ever-evolving field of content creation."
- JV The Goat
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